Large Ceramic Flat Back Planter

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Illuminate the room with greenery.

With smooth curves that echo river-polished stone. These vessels are a lively, light, and elegant addition to any room, with a flattened back that allows it to rest flush with the wall. Realized in snowy white porcelain. Paired with a choice of twisted cotton rope or vegetable tanned leather.

Hang several together for a dramatic arrangement.

Complete the look with our PARALLAX wall hooks.

Perfect For: Large Ferns

Vessel Measures: 7" × 5.75" × 6.75"

Total Hanging Height Leather: 13"

Total Hanging Height Rope: 18.5"

* Please inquire about the custom XL size: 10” × 11” × 11”*

Designed in our Brooklyn Studio.

Lovingly made in a family run, zero waste facility in Vermont, USA.
We choose them because of their 18 years of experience, and their ethos to “create art, not objects”.