Textural sandy stoneware plant pot
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Ceramic Tabletop Planter

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  • Terracotta
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A tabletop version of our iconic VAYU floor planter. Designed through the process of peeling away layers to reveal hidden inner volumes and voids. Realized in an array of matte finishes.

Matte ceramic tabletop planter, clear glazed interior on all finishes except for Terracotta. Fits a 6 inch pot and comes with an optional drainage tray.

One of the material qualities unique to terracotta is its ability to breathe. Over time your terracotta pot will develop a cloudy white patina through absorbing minerals in the soil. Development of color over time is expected and can be cleaned off.  

Vessel Measures: 7.75” × 7.75” × 5” Opening Diameter: 6”
Perfect For
6” plants

Lovingly made in a family-run facility powered by renewable energy in Vermont, chosen for their commitment to “create art, not objects”.