White cova vase with a vibrant red arrangement of Anthurium
White Cova vase with an arrangement of roses
Cova in dark grey Hematite finish, displayed with daffodils
Empty cova vase in matte white porcelain with glazed interior and base
Empty Cova vase in dark grey hematite. Matte on the outside with glazed interior and base.
White porcelain Cova vase with large white and green flower arrangement


Flower Vase

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  • Snow
  • Hematite
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A quiet stillness born out of celestial collision, like the formation of moons. The partial spheres of COVA converge to create a volume ideal for flower arranging. 

Realized in snowy white porcelain and a matte dark grey porcelain. Interior finished with clear glaze.

Vessel Measures: 4.5" × 4.5" × 4.5".
Perfect For
Flower arranging. See: Ikebana arrangements by Fox Fodder Farm and feature in Vogue.
Designed in our Brooklyn Studio. Proudly made in Vermont

Designed in our Brooklyn Studio. Lovingly made in a family-run facility powered by renewable energy in Vermont, chosen for their commitment to “create art, not objects”.