How Do I Install a Hive Planter?

For a more temporary installation, you will need a hammer and a nail.

For a more permanent installation, you will need a drill, a drill bit for the anchor, and a hand screwdriver.

How Do I Install a Wall Hook?

To install a Light+Ladder wall hook, you will need a drill, and a drill bit fitted to the anchor provided.

Plant Care

Different plants require different levels of light and moisture. Some thrive in light sandy soil, while others prefer heavy, loamy soil. As such, our planters are designed for specific types of plants. For instance, the Chromo’s self-watering system makes it ideal for plants that require consistent moisture, while the Hive Planter is specially designed for low-maintenance air plants. Please refer to the product pages for plant recommendations for each planter. If you’d like more information, the Light + Ladder Plant Guide will guide you through the specifics of our planters and the needs of their recommended plant partners.


Some of our planters include a drainage hole, while some do not. Here are some plant care recommendations for each situation:


If your planter has a drainage hole, you can plant as usual with appropriate potting soil. To water your plants, simply mist with a spray bottle or water your plants lightly using a watering can. Be aware that water may drip through the planter. We advise bringing your plant over to the sink for a little drench as needed.


A plant may not require a drainage hole to thrive, though proper water technique becomes more critical. If your planter does not have a drainage hole, we recommend adding a handful of small stones, sand or charcoal to the base of the planter. This will give excess water somewhere to go. To avoid overwatering, simply mist the plant with a spray bottle or water lightly with a watering can. Depending on the water needs of your plant, you may need to adjust the frequency of your watering schedule.