Ceramic + Leather Planter

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A garden floats in polished porcelain. With clean curves that recall the simple perfection of river-polished stone, this planter could be hung empty and still elevate the room. Accentuate the beauty of your houseplants with its simple but sculptural presence, hang three in a harmonious trio or transform an entire wall into an installation of greenery. The smooth finish of high-fired porcelain is complemented by a vegetable-tanned leather strap that will just get better with age and wear. 

Matte porcelain. Leather.

The vessel measures 4"×4"×4". Total height with strap is 10.5".

Made in the USA


No drainage hole: Adding small rocks or charcoal to the bottom of your planter is an easy way to give excess water a place to go.

Alternatively, keep the plant in its plastic pot you bought it in when planting into the Spora. The plastic pot has holes and will allow it to drain into the ceramic pot. 

In either scenario, avoid excessive water building up and pooling at the bottom. 

Drainage hole: Bring your plant over to the sink for a little drench. Allow all the excess water to drain before hanging the planter back on the wall. 

See our resource page for more details

Hang the planters from a standard nail or choose between our special brass and wood hooks to complete the look!