Set of 3 Ceramic Planters

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A harmonious trio to transform any wall into an installation of greenery.

With smooth curves that echo river-polished stone, these vessels are simple but sculptural, accentuating the beauty of your houseplants. Realized in matte, snowy white porcelain and blush pink. Paired with a choice of twisted cotton rope or vegetable tanned leather.

*The Blush color is only available in cotton and without a drainage hole.

Not sure about our drainage options? Check out our resource page.

Complete the look with our PARALLAX wall hooks.

Perfect For: One or two 2” Plants, Succulents, Ferns , Cacti.

Vessel Measures: 4” × 4” × 4”

Total Hanging Height: 10.5”

Made in Vermont, USA.

by Elisa and David

This husband and wife duo met at grad school where they fell in love with ceramics and each other. They now use their 18 years of experience to “create art, not objects”.