Concrete Planter + Drainage Tray

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Two tone concrete tabletop planter for drainage tray base.

Inspired by our ELEVA planter, and the work of Brancusi. ELARA uses contrasting geometries to create a simple but practical piece of cubist sculpture. The sculptural plinth acts as a drainage tray. Realized in complimentary white and grey tones of concrete. Interior finished with clear sealer.

Perfect For: Cacti, Succulents, and mostly all 4” planters.

Vessel Measures: 4” × 4” × 4.24”

Total Combined Height: 8.25”

Designed in our Brooklyn Studio.
Made in NY, USA

Lovingly made by fine craftspeople whose respect for the art of traditional casting that has kept them in business since 1918. “The warmth of analogue in a digital world”