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Tall Self-Watering Planter

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Clean lines hide secret utility. These cylinders stack like minimalist city structures. Surfaces skip from matte to glaze, absorbing and shedding light for subtle shifts in tone and texture. Hidden from view are the inner workings of a low-maintenance self-watering system for lush plants. An understated channel runs down the planter’s side, creating line and shadow and providing a path for water to be poured. The drip tray is glazed inside and out; the planter has a matte ceramic exterior, interior is glazed. Stoneware.

How it works: The planter stacks into the drip tray, drawing water through a single hole that extends into the reservoir. Additional drainage holes around the planter base offer aeration. The tray holds excess water, allowing the plant to draw water as needed.

Perfect for: Maidenhair ferns and other water thirsty plants.

Tall Planter measures: 4.75"×4.75"×8.75"

Made in the USA

Interchange the top and bottom colors. Contact us for custom mixed sets.