XL Flat Back Ceramic Planter

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Extra large flat backed Spora planter.

With smooth curves that echo river-polished stone. These vessels are a lively, light, and elegant addition to any room, with a flattened back that allows it to rest flush with the wall. Realized in snowy white porcelain. Paired with a choice of twisted cotton rope or vegetable-tanned leather.

Made to order.

Vessel Measures: 11" x 11" x 10" Length is customizable if desired.

The planter has no drainage hole - Adding small rocks or charcoal to the bottom of your planter is an easy way to give excess water a place to go.

Alternatively, keep the plant in its plastic pot you bought it in when planting into the Spora. The plastic pot has holes and will allow it to drain into the ceramic pot. 

In either scenario, avoid excessive water building up and pooling at the bottom. 

Designed in our Brooklyn Studio. Proudly made in Vermont.

Designed in our Brooklyn Studio.

Lovingly made in a family-run facility powered by renewable energy in Vermont, chosen for their commitment to “create art, not objects”.