Who we are, is as important as what we make.

As you probably already know, everything we create is made in the USA by our small batch manufacturers. Today, we want to tell you about our favorite Great Grandpa, whose shop produces our metal goods.


Howard still overseeing the work at 90 years old!    Howard’s Machine Shop  has been running  since 1959.

Howard still overseeing the work at 90 years old!

Howard’s Machine Shop has been running since 1959.


Written by Max

Nestled quietly amongst a street of shiny new buildings, sits this machine shop. An unassuming apple green door gave no inclination to what was inside.

As soon as I passed through the door, I felt like I’d stepped into a time capsule. Howard was there, tapping away on his typewriter. As I ventured further there were so many interesting objects and machines, including an entire room solely to project 1:1 drawings, used to check the dimensional accuracy of parts. There were reel to reel tapes that he used to use to program his CNC machines, and family photos, over 20 years old, pinned to the lid of a toolbox.

There was a history to the place, that feels so rare nowadays.

Every machine, every jig, every old metal part, told a small piece of Howard’s story - and he was kind enough to share the rest of it with us.


Howard immigrated from Poland in 1949, at 20 years old. With no trade and no knowledge of the language, he landed a job running a farm. The farm was home to 70 cows, which Howard alone, fed, milked and cared for.

“At this point I felt like the cows were the only ones who understood me!”

After learning a trade, learning English and working his way up in a machine shop, Howard successfully opened his own shop in Brooklyn in 1959. He went on to produce the fastest zipper manufacturing machine in the US and sold these machines to the bustling Fashion Industry here in New York and all over the world.


Lima joined the company in 1979, right out of high school. Inspired by the potential to make anything possible, Lima has stayed there to this day. He handles the machining, while Howard, who still loves his work at 90 years old, keeps a watchful eye.


Now they have over 100 years of combined experience, and it’s so satisfying to see them using it to help younger generations realize their vision.