Mixed Greens

Day in and day out I watch Taylor create wild floral arrangements. Capturing "What hopes and dreams are made of!" she darts flowers in and out of her bouquet like a master painter. Inspired by her approach I set off to create a little arrangement of potted plants in the Spora planter with colorheight and texture in mind.

Pick up mini plants in 2" pots from your local farmers market or garden store. These potted plants have been widely available for terrariums. Mix plants that require similar care into pot to create a live bouquet of greenery. 

Gently loosen the root ball between your fingers.  


Mix 2-3 plants in one taller plants in the back of course. For these mini plants, the Spora planter allows plenty of room for the roots to grow.


Mix different arrangements on the wall to create an even more diverse array.