DIFFA Picnic by Design 2013

With a deep love for food, and an obvious appreciation for the outdoors, Light + Ladder does not know what could be more fun than a picnic! Farrah Sit and Niky Roehreke were bubbling over with excitement this summer as they teamed up to combine the art of activism with the art of dining alfresco.

The event was Picnic By Design on August 21st, the challenge was to design an original spin on the picnic basket, to be auctioned off for proceeds to benefit the fight against AIDS. Sponsored by DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS), a successful nonprofit that uses the considerable force of passionate artists and designers to fund organizations for prevention, education, and care for those living with HIV/AIDS. The event raised over $30k

Farrah and Niky had been fantasizing about teepees and hanging installations for a while. Finally, the DIFFA project offered an outlet and a deadline, as well as the opportunity to make something for a very good cause. Wanting to create a relaxing green sanctuary, the designers set off to create a picnic experience where everything would hang from the teepee. Diners could freely recline on the blanket and enjoy the fresh food hanging above. The final product included a portable, hanging basket, with nestled porcelain plates, cups, forks , knives, and napkins. Niky collaged watercolored paper hands onto ceramic planters that overflowed with ivy. Made by Light + Ladder, and decorated with Niky’s signature leaf-like hands, the basket was in keeping with Light + Ladder’s themes, inspired by the greenery of a picnic setting and the practical challenge of keeping things easy.

Guests bought Farrah and Niky’s basket, along with others designed by many prominent New York designers, and enjoyed them with a view at the event’s dinner on the rooftop of the Scholastic Building in Soho.