Large Flat Back Ceramic Planter

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Leather or Rope:
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Illuminate the room with greenery. With smooth curves that echo the perfection of river-polished stone. This vessel hangs from twisted cotton rope as the planter’s flattened back allows it to rest flush with the wall. Showcase your favorite large fern or hang several together for a dramatic arrangement. 

Matte stoneware, glazed interior. Cotton rope or natural vegetable tanned leather. The vessel measures 7"×5.75"×6.75".

Made in the USA


Drainage hole: Simply spray the soil or water lightly. Bring your plant over to the sink for a little drench if needed.

No drainage hole: Adding a small rocks, sand or charcoal to the bottom of your planter is an easy way to give that excess water a place to go.

Hang the planters from a standard nail or choose between our special brass and wood hooks to complete the look!