Set of 3 Ceramic + Leather Planters

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A garden floats in polished porcelain. With clean curves that recall the simple perfection of river-polished stone. This planter elevates the room and accentuates the beauty of your houseplants with its simple but sculptural presence. Hang three in a harmonious trio or transform an entire wall into an installation of greenery. The smooth finish of high-fired porcelain is complemented by a vegetable-tanned leather strap that will just get better with age and wear. 

Matte porcelain. Leather. The vessel measures 4"×4"×4". Total height with strap is 10.5".

Made in the USA


Drainage hole: Simply spray your plants or water lightly. Bring your plant over to the sink for a little drench if needed.

No drainage hole: Adding a small rocks, sand or charcoal to the bottom of your planter is an easy way to give that excess water a place to go.

Hang the planters from a standard nail or choose between our special brass and wood hooks to complete the look!